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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I still haven't found a new job. I've been searching for something like 2 months now and i've only had 2 interviews. thats kind of depressing. I really don't get it. i know that there are probably lots of applications, but i think mine is pretty good. especially for some of the jobs i'm applying for. i deserve at least a call or something.

I still have a chance with TM though. i emailed them today trying to figure out whats going on. he said that they're in the middle of a busy period along with moving their office (same building). he's suppose to be interviewing more over the next 4 weeks and getting back to me at the start of the year. I really, really want that job. hopefully i still have a chance.

anyways, i think i need to redo my resume to make a better impression from the start. i'm kinda holding off on sending it out until the first of the year i guess. i don't have time right now to write cover letters and search the net for open positions. something good will come soon i hope.

at least i'll be at my current job long enough to get my xmas bonus!

The new house

Monday, November 21, 2005

Megan and I move into a new house in mid december. it's a 1920's duplex in lakewood. cool place... new appliances, 1600 square ft. 2 bedroom. we're hyped. we have the entire second floor.

rest of the pictures are HERE. i put some descriptions on there so you kinda know what you're looking at.

the floor plan looks something like this (megan will make fun of this since she does nothing but CAD all day)... Floor Plan

of course along with that comes the nervousness of moving in with your girlfriend. we've been basically living together for a while now already, so it shouldn't be a big deal. It's also a huge roomy place where we can have a room for ayden/guests, a place to set up an office and a place for a dining room. no more turning the spare room or dining room into an office. now we just need to get some stuff for the walls. i've got ideas of things to do myself, but as always i gotta find the time and drive to do it. I also have to break megan of the habbit of leaving every light and TV on in the entire house all the time.

also, rumor has it, the people downstairs are an older (30-50?) pair of brothers. that could prove to be a problem with ayden running around on the hardwoods or when we have a party or any kind. we'll see.

this was fun....

megan, ayden and I go to breakfast on sunday morning, and then to northpark mall for some return shopping. the mall doesn't open until noon on sunday's and we got there at about 11:50, so we sit in the car and listen to the radio for a bit while we wait. obviously since the mall isn't open yet, there is plenty of parking, but this guy in a white Lotus pulls into the spot right next to us and hits our car with his door!

we're like "did he just hit our car?" Then we hear 3 more thumps... as he is getting out and getting his stuff he hits the car some more. he's on the passenger side where megan is sitting, so she looks over at him, he makes eye contact, hits the car with his door again then runs off to the mall.

so, just to show that he can't hit our not so fancy explorer with his car just because it's better (heh heh)... we decide that it might be fun if ayden does some jumping on his pretty little white lotus.

we were laughing our ass off. he's lucky we didn't have a load in the diapers too... prick.

Pistons and Paint

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I went to the annual Pistons and Paint car show with my son on saturday. it was pretty cool. i love the old rusty rides. i'd prefer it over a new shiney car. i want a car that pisses people off as i drive by. my arm hanging out the window that i can barley see out because it's chopped so low. my son in the passenger seat hoping one of his friends from school see's him in his dad's hot rod. theres just something special about those cars. they have attitudes.... history.

i think that why i love the movie American Graffiti so much. the 50's are rad. i really want an old coupe, but i'm also looking foward to getting my hands on my dads old '56 Ford pickup thats in cailfornia some day.

here's a restored '56 from the show...

here is the current state of "my" '56 in SoCal...

and i would LOVE to build a ride like this... it makes my mouth water...

i love old race cars and bikes. the old daytona beach racers with the extra set of grips below the number plate for aerodynamics... or an old salt flat racer from the 50's.... mmmm..... if i could, i'd collect them.

I really wish i had some more knowledge about it all... building, fabricating, the history. i would have appreciated what i was seeing at the car show much more. someday i'll be able to play with it. for now i'll keep dreaming.

you can find the rest of the pictures from the show here


do you ever notice a light turning off as you walk/drive by?

i seem to notice this a lot. it kinda creeps me out. i dunno if it's just because it's something i pay attention to, and it happens to everybody, or if it's just my crazy bodily electrical impulses.

there is a street light out side of hailey's in denton... everytime i park inthe parkinglot accross the street and walk to the bar, the light turns off. Or, i'll be driving down some random street at night and a street light turns off. it's really wierd and i've noticed it fairly often over the past few years. maybe... once a week or so.

xmas list

Friday, November 11, 2005

dust to glory
faster 2
on any sunday

bike stuff
new backpack
i really, really need an aerostich suit. i think a 40-long might do the trick. grey suit with orange ballistics would be cool. yellow or black ballistics would work too.

if you really want to get me in trouble buy me some dirtbike gear. i know, i don't have a dirtbike... thats where the trouble part comes in.

ipod (or a diff mp3 player that won't skip a lot on the bike)

i want this book too.

gift cards for target or something for stuff for the new house works.

more to come as i think of it....

sunday night

Monday, November 07, 2005

sunday night was the annual TONI&GUY photographic awards and national fall conference here in dallas. If i had to pay i wouldn't go, but since i get in free it's pretty fun. lots of good people watching. imagine a couple thousand young rockstar hairdressers from all over noth america and europe coming to dallas to get drunk (among other things... *cough-coke-cough*) and watch a crazy hair show complete with a famous DJ dance party at the end.

at about 10 or 11 we headed over to billiard bar where we ran into almost the entire crew. we only got picts of chris though, 'cause he was completley trashed... overall it was a good night.

weekend with ayden

wow... 2 year olds are a mess.

ayden is a good kid compared to most, and it's still a true test of endurance and skill to spend the weekend alone with him. it's filled with laughing, crying, kicking, hitting, throwing, kissing, running, spiting, yelling and pooping.... all in the span of an hour.... repeat.

i wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

he use to be a little afraid of my helmet. he liked it, but when i put it on or tried to put it on him it scared him a little. this weekend he finally put it on, and now i can't get it off. he makes me put the helmet on, then he puts the gloves on. once he's got the gloves situated he puts the visor down, finds the cats, pets, comes back to make me put the now fogged up visor back up, takes the gloves off, puts the gloves back on and repeat for about an hour.

i think one of the highlights of the weekend was eating pizza at Brothers Pizza on medow and 75. it's one of those NY style pizza joints that serve by the slice. i got a couple slices of peporoni and he got a cheese. we sat for about 45 minutes and peacefully ate our pizza... it was great. we were both in a good mood, the weather was good.... i loved it. it was one of those father-son, my first slice of pizza at a real pizza place moments.

these are the big pizza slices. it's about 7 or 8" wide. he would grab the edges of the crust with both hands and hold the pizza over his head trying to get the tip in his mouth for a bite. it was awesome... arms fully extended he could barley get the tip of the pizza in his mouth for a bite. eventually i had to steal about half his slice so he could eat it... of cours while he wasn't looking. you don't take anything from a 2 year old without a fit.

heres a vid of him rocking out... Click Here

monday's interview

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

so yesterday i interviewed with Signal... a small ad agency in uptown.

it's a cool little place. everyone (including the associate creative director, or ACD if you're in the know) was wearing jeans, so thats a plus for me. the guy i interviewed with wasn't quite as personable as the guy i interviewed with at TM interactive. i had to work a little more to keep good conversation. I also could only show my physical print portfolio. this was dissapointing because it doesn't show well. its got student work in it and is a bitch to keep updated. i'm going to have to do something about that. when i interviewed at TM i didn't even get a chance to show them my print 'folio, just the web stuff on a computer they had in their meeting room... that was ideal. the interview wasn't bad though. it just wasn't as impressive as it could/should have been.

so, this was a studio manager position. basically i would make sure everyone has the equipment and programs needed, doing any necessary research and training. I'd also teach and guide all the designers in any thing prepress, including press checks. i'd even get to travel to jersey, LA and somewhere in south america for press checks... i think he said columbia, but i could be wrong. I believe there is also a lot of design work to be done in this position too if the time is available.

the main thing is that i'd have to go through their servers and everyones stuff and clean it all up, get it orginized and make sure it stays that way. everything should be organized enough that if a designer is out or quits someone else should be able to jump right in to his project and not search for things.... so i dunno how much i'm looking foward to all that, but i've done it before.

this job sounds a lot like my current one, but better. most of the duties i would do there i already do at my current job. the biggest, and best differance is that they are an agency and this is in house marketing. so i'll be working with people who (hopefully) know what they are talking about and think more like i do as a designer. i'd get to work on a wider range of work for different clients and build my portfolio up to get that Art Director job that i want. Right now i look back at the past 5 years i've been working for the same company and can only come up with a few small portfolio pieces. most of the good stuff i have is all from freelance.

anyways... wish me luck. things are so stagnated here that i'm about to go crazy.

i wrote a nice little thank you letter today and hand delivered it. i guess if they like me i'll hear from them next week.