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monday's interview

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

so yesterday i interviewed with Signal... a small ad agency in uptown.

it's a cool little place. everyone (including the associate creative director, or ACD if you're in the know) was wearing jeans, so thats a plus for me. the guy i interviewed with wasn't quite as personable as the guy i interviewed with at TM interactive. i had to work a little more to keep good conversation. I also could only show my physical print portfolio. this was dissapointing because it doesn't show well. its got student work in it and is a bitch to keep updated. i'm going to have to do something about that. when i interviewed at TM i didn't even get a chance to show them my print 'folio, just the web stuff on a computer they had in their meeting room... that was ideal. the interview wasn't bad though. it just wasn't as impressive as it could/should have been.

so, this was a studio manager position. basically i would make sure everyone has the equipment and programs needed, doing any necessary research and training. I'd also teach and guide all the designers in any thing prepress, including press checks. i'd even get to travel to jersey, LA and somewhere in south america for press checks... i think he said columbia, but i could be wrong. I believe there is also a lot of design work to be done in this position too if the time is available.

the main thing is that i'd have to go through their servers and everyones stuff and clean it all up, get it orginized and make sure it stays that way. everything should be organized enough that if a designer is out or quits someone else should be able to jump right in to his project and not search for things.... so i dunno how much i'm looking foward to all that, but i've done it before.

this job sounds a lot like my current one, but better. most of the duties i would do there i already do at my current job. the biggest, and best differance is that they are an agency and this is in house marketing. so i'll be working with people who (hopefully) know what they are talking about and think more like i do as a designer. i'd get to work on a wider range of work for different clients and build my portfolio up to get that Art Director job that i want. Right now i look back at the past 5 years i've been working for the same company and can only come up with a few small portfolio pieces. most of the good stuff i have is all from freelance.

anyways... wish me luck. things are so stagnated here that i'm about to go crazy.

i wrote a nice little thank you letter today and hand delivered it. i guess if they like me i'll hear from them next week.


  • The Signal job sounds promising. Is this a traffic type position or more on the creative side?

    By Blogger Karma, at 2:32 PM  

  • not really a traffic position... more of a technical proof-reader of the work going out i guess. making sure everything is how it should be before going to press... theres more to it than just sending out a file.

    there would also be creative work depending on how much time i have left after the other stuff.

    By Blogger jbroom, at 2:42 PM  

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