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The new house

Monday, November 21, 2005

Megan and I move into a new house in mid december. it's a 1920's duplex in lakewood. cool place... new appliances, 1600 square ft. 2 bedroom. we're hyped. we have the entire second floor.

rest of the pictures are HERE. i put some descriptions on there so you kinda know what you're looking at.

the floor plan looks something like this (megan will make fun of this since she does nothing but CAD all day)... Floor Plan

of course along with that comes the nervousness of moving in with your girlfriend. we've been basically living together for a while now already, so it shouldn't be a big deal. It's also a huge roomy place where we can have a room for ayden/guests, a place to set up an office and a place for a dining room. no more turning the spare room or dining room into an office. now we just need to get some stuff for the walls. i've got ideas of things to do myself, but as always i gotta find the time and drive to do it. I also have to break megan of the habbit of leaving every light and TV on in the entire house all the time.

also, rumor has it, the people downstairs are an older (30-50?) pair of brothers. that could prove to be a problem with ayden running around on the hardwoods or when we have a party or any kind. we'll see.


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