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Pistons and Paint

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I went to the annual Pistons and Paint car show with my son on saturday. it was pretty cool. i love the old rusty rides. i'd prefer it over a new shiney car. i want a car that pisses people off as i drive by. my arm hanging out the window that i can barley see out because it's chopped so low. my son in the passenger seat hoping one of his friends from school see's him in his dad's hot rod. theres just something special about those cars. they have attitudes.... history.

i think that why i love the movie American Graffiti so much. the 50's are rad. i really want an old coupe, but i'm also looking foward to getting my hands on my dads old '56 Ford pickup thats in cailfornia some day.

here's a restored '56 from the show...

here is the current state of "my" '56 in SoCal...

and i would LOVE to build a ride like this... it makes my mouth water...

i love old race cars and bikes. the old daytona beach racers with the extra set of grips below the number plate for aerodynamics... or an old salt flat racer from the 50's.... mmmm..... if i could, i'd collect them.

I really wish i had some more knowledge about it all... building, fabricating, the history. i would have appreciated what i was seeing at the car show much more. someday i'll be able to play with it. for now i'll keep dreaming.

you can find the rest of the pictures from the show here


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