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sunday night

Monday, November 07, 2005

sunday night was the annual TONI&GUY photographic awards and national fall conference here in dallas. If i had to pay i wouldn't go, but since i get in free it's pretty fun. lots of good people watching. imagine a couple thousand young rockstar hairdressers from all over noth america and europe coming to dallas to get drunk (among other things... *cough-coke-cough*) and watch a crazy hair show complete with a famous DJ dance party at the end.

at about 10 or 11 we headed over to billiard bar where we ran into almost the entire crew. we only got picts of chris though, 'cause he was completley trashed... overall it was a good night.


  • Looks like a casino night... third photo down is great. I don't know if its your friend, your suit coat or the combo of both, but that photo makes me think of the mob.

    By Blogger Karma, at 2:35 PM  

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