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this was fun....

Monday, November 21, 2005

megan, ayden and I go to breakfast on sunday morning, and then to northpark mall for some return shopping. the mall doesn't open until noon on sunday's and we got there at about 11:50, so we sit in the car and listen to the radio for a bit while we wait. obviously since the mall isn't open yet, there is plenty of parking, but this guy in a white Lotus pulls into the spot right next to us and hits our car with his door!

we're like "did he just hit our car?" Then we hear 3 more thumps... as he is getting out and getting his stuff he hits the car some more. he's on the passenger side where megan is sitting, so she looks over at him, he makes eye contact, hits the car with his door again then runs off to the mall.

so, just to show that he can't hit our not so fancy explorer with his car just because it's better (heh heh)... we decide that it might be fun if ayden does some jumping on his pretty little white lotus.

we were laughing our ass off. he's lucky we didn't have a load in the diapers too... prick.


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