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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I still haven't found a new job. I've been searching for something like 2 months now and i've only had 2 interviews. thats kind of depressing. I really don't get it. i know that there are probably lots of applications, but i think mine is pretty good. especially for some of the jobs i'm applying for. i deserve at least a call or something.

I still have a chance with TM though. i emailed them today trying to figure out whats going on. he said that they're in the middle of a busy period along with moving their office (same building). he's suppose to be interviewing more over the next 4 weeks and getting back to me at the start of the year. I really, really want that job. hopefully i still have a chance.

anyways, i think i need to redo my resume to make a better impression from the start. i'm kinda holding off on sending it out until the first of the year i guess. i don't have time right now to write cover letters and search the net for open positions. something good will come soon i hope.

at least i'll be at my current job long enough to get my xmas bonus!


  • Stickwith it Broom, the right opportunity is out there you just need to keep searching. Iknow you'll find it, but man... creative work is a tough gig to find. no worries dude.

    By Blogger Karma, at 8:39 PM  

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