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weekend with ayden

Monday, November 07, 2005

wow... 2 year olds are a mess.

ayden is a good kid compared to most, and it's still a true test of endurance and skill to spend the weekend alone with him. it's filled with laughing, crying, kicking, hitting, throwing, kissing, running, spiting, yelling and pooping.... all in the span of an hour.... repeat.

i wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

he use to be a little afraid of my helmet. he liked it, but when i put it on or tried to put it on him it scared him a little. this weekend he finally put it on, and now i can't get it off. he makes me put the helmet on, then he puts the gloves on. once he's got the gloves situated he puts the visor down, finds the cats, pets, comes back to make me put the now fogged up visor back up, takes the gloves off, puts the gloves back on and repeat for about an hour.

i think one of the highlights of the weekend was eating pizza at Brothers Pizza on medow and 75. it's one of those NY style pizza joints that serve by the slice. i got a couple slices of peporoni and he got a cheese. we sat for about 45 minutes and peacefully ate our pizza... it was great. we were both in a good mood, the weather was good.... i loved it. it was one of those father-son, my first slice of pizza at a real pizza place moments.

these are the big pizza slices. it's about 7 or 8" wide. he would grab the edges of the crust with both hands and hold the pizza over his head trying to get the tip in his mouth for a bite. it was awesome... arms fully extended he could barley get the tip of the pizza in his mouth for a bite. eventually i had to steal about half his slice so he could eat it... of cours while he wasn't looking. you don't take anything from a 2 year old without a fit.

heres a vid of him rocking out... Click Here


  • He's almost ready to race! So, was the kicking, screaming, crying laughing, etc from you or him?!

    By Blogger Karma, at 2:34 PM  

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