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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Megan and I are all moved into our new place now. it's a kick ass place and i can't wait to get it all set up and have people over. i still have a lot of stuff to set-up, re-arange and put together. not to mention that most of my stuff is still in my old condo. anthony and skot are staying there now, so they're using it. i don't really need most of it right now anyways.

this place is so big... we have a large dining room with absolutley nothing in it. imagine that! i feel like i've been crammed into all these random small spaces latley, now i have more space than i have stuff to fill it. the biggest down side is that there isn't a garage here. just a carport. i can put my bike in there (although thats a bitch because it's sand and gravel and i have to back the bike in over uneaven ground), but i can't put my tools, race bike and all the other garage goodies in there. i'm keeping my garage at the condo for myself and renting out the condo only, so i still have a garage. that sucks though to have a garage at a different location. what if i go there and work on the bike... tear it down then need to go to the parts shop for something? i'll be screwed. basically any time i need to really do some work i'll have to load up the bike in the truck or something so i have a car incase i need it. it stresses me out. not only that... but do i keep my tools here, or there?? it sucks when you need a tool for some little project around the house but all your stuff is at the condo, or when i just want to stop at the condo on my way home from work and do some maintenence on the bike but can't because my tools are at the house. see my delima?

ok, besides that, this place is pretty rad. i'm about to put together the desk that megan got for the office for her laptop so i can use her old desk for my computers. thats 2 desks, a huge drafting tabel and 3 computers total in one office... with room to spare i think. heh heh.

next i have to finish sanding and painting my bedroom furniture. then i need to do my easy painting ideas on some ply wood and get them in the frames i bought at a garage sale a long time ago. that shouldn't be too hard... a good weekends worth of work to get 5 or 6 large paintings done and ready for the walls. we really need to put some stuff up soon.

oh... and i haven't done any christmas shopping. except for the new helmet and boots that dad made me put on his credit card, and the diamonds i got megan that everyone in the whole world has now seen. i take it she likes them?

saturday night

Thursday, December 08, 2005

saturday night was fun.

it started out a little stressfull. we were going to an art show at the texas theater (i think thats what its called) in oakliff. a friend of ours, Gina, was in it. we were running late, and we were tired. by the time we finally get there it is freaking packed. you can't even walk or find a place to stan, so that kinda sucks.

finally the place starts to thin out a little and i get a few beers in me, so i'm in a better mood now. a few more friends showed up too... maybe 10-15 total.

the show was cool. each artist that contributed got a piece of plywood about 2' x 2' to do what ever they wanted. some painted, some did a collage from magazines and things... there were even some that just used a sharpie. they were then auctioned off starting at 20 bucks for charity. there were hundreds and a few even went for 3-400 bucks! it was fun to watch them get auctioned off. there were a few that i thought about bidding on, but they went above my $40 budget pretty quick.

smoking out back, freezing our ass off...

we found this rad little secret room... the walls were cool. i took lots of pictures of the textures for later use in designs...

afterwards we went to camilles house for the after party. gina wanted to go to her house, but by that time there was so many of us that we wouldnt' fit at her place... so to camilles we went. more people showed up and it was good times... megan and i left a little early since we both had to get up earlythe next day. too bad cause sounds like there was lots of drunken good times later that night.

stas' and the always wonderful kim...

I thought i took a lot more pictures than what i did (click on one of the picts for the gallery). dunno what happend. there were a lot more people hangin out than what i got pictures of.

greg... if you're reading this (you're prolly the only one that is), you should come out with us sometime if you wanna meet a new crowd. might be a little different than you're use to, but we're fun... sometimes.

My saturday

Monday, December 05, 2005

I have this old dresser (looks like it was stolen from a ranch or hotel) and old end tables that i've been talking about repainting for years.

well i'm finally doing it... or starting at least. we'll see if it gets done or not. all i did on saturday is sand the end tables down and put a coat of kills on it. i'll do the same to the dresser some day soon, then we gotta figure out what color to paint them.

heres a before pict... i sanded the one on the left already. .... and after the coat of kills.

exciting huh?

we went out to an art show and stuff later that night... i'll post some picts and stuff about that later.


Friday, December 02, 2005

a friend pointed me towards a site called today. i'm using it for the first time right now.

basically, you enter the name of a song or artist that you like. it then creates a playlist for you of similar music for you to listen to. I put in a few obscure band names, and it didn't know them. after that i put in Gang Starr and i've been listening to nothing but kick ass east coast hip hop ever since... method man, da grassroots, the roots and akrobatik so far....

i think this may be my new favorite site.