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the hunt

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i'm still sitting here at tigi. killing time.... i'm not even killing it... i'm flat out wasting it. even when i am working and being productive.

i had an interview with Rapp Collins last week though. it went well and i know a couple people who work there including the Group Creative Director who is doing the hiring. he says i'm in, and he's the one who gets to say those kinds of things, so i should be in. problem is that the hire ups or whoever has to approve the position before he can hire. he says it could be anywhere from a week to a month.

so, here i sit... wondering if i should keep sending out my stuff, or relax, or worry, or put in my 2 weeks. i dunno. and to top it off i can't buy a dirtbike until i get a new job, and i'm freaking obsessed with it. i dunno though, maybe i don't need a dirtbike. i'm only going to get to ride it about once a month. if i'm lucky. how the hell did i get so busy? what happend? i guess having a kid will do that to you.


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