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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the racing season is about to start. i'm getting hyped. a buddy of mine has asked me to race with him at the cmra oak hill race on his aprillia 50 on feb 18th. that kicks ass because i don't always get to race that track and it's a lot of fun. dad will be moving dusty to pheonix that weekend, so they will both miss it, but mom is coming up and i'll have ayden that weekend. he'll finally get to see me race. it's going to kick ass.

as for tmgp (the series i run), we don't have the date for our fist race yet. kinda sucks not having the schedule yet because megan and I want to plan a vacation, but i don't want to miss a race. I've got a lot of prep to do anyways. hopefully between my dad and i we can figure out how many race weekends we have on the top and bottom end. we probabaly wrote it down in the logs, but i think mom has those stashed away in her race box. I need to get moving on prepping the bike though. i have to rebuild the front forks, check the front brake pads and change the brake fluid, try to get my new set of pegs on, check/replace the wheel bearings, change the tranny oil, clean out the carb and replace the spark plug wire and cap. yeah, better get started.


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