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Are you Effing serious??

Monday, February 13, 2006

so i email my buddy at the company that i've been trying to get a job at on friday to check up on the position that was suppose to be mine. last time i saw him in person he said he wanted to make me an offer right then, but he couldn't because he had to get the position and money approved. so i've been waiting for the positions to be approved for new hires (they were planing on hiring several people) for over a month. they keep saying they have to figure out the budgets for accounts and stuff like that.

well today i get the responce from my friend (the creative director and the one that would say "hire him").

Honestly I can't see any hires in the near future. Please do stay in
touch as stuff may open later in the year.

are you serious? I've been waiting all this time for nothing? the thing that bothers me the most about that statement is that i have another friend that works under him. he's on contract and has been working 14 hour days... so has everybody there, and from the sounds of it they're getting fed up with it. to put that in perspective... a 14 hour day for him means he's taking home $1000 for that day. if they hired him on salary, and hired myself and another person, we could do more work in the regular 8 hour day for something like $600 a day total.... it doesn't make sense.

I'm right back where i started in october at this point. i have to do something different. it's hard to get your foot in the door without knowing someone. all the jobs posted give a generic email addy to send your stuff to and ask for no calls... well i'm going to start digging for someones name and calling. i've sent my stuff to probably 20-40 potential jobs... places that were hiring... positions that i have a good chance of getting... i've had 2 call backs. so, i guess i'll be redesigning my site again and trying a new approch at the job hunt. i'm so pissed.


  • Don't get down, something will work out for you!

    By Anonymous Jaime, at 5:47 AM  

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