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status: waiting.... still

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

so, i'm still waiting. it sucks. everyone and everything tells me that i have a pretty decent new job lined up with good opportunities to follow, but i'm waiting for some executives in new york to go over budgets and decided how many and where they need people. it sucks ass. I've been looking since october. i can't believe i've been looking that long without an offer. this is the second company to have me waiting, but at least this one has shown me some promise that they really will hire me when they get the go ahead from NYC. anyways... i'm tired of searching, writing cover letters, waiting, calling, waiting, searching, waiting... blah blah blah. of course my money situation only makes it worse. i'm making it, but just barley. and i mean barley. as anybody knows, having a girlfriend makes it even harder to be scraping by every month.

hopefully i'll know something by next week and those troubles will be gone.

Aside from that... CMRA's race season starts next weekend at oak hill raceway (near tyler, tx). i am very very excited. i can't stop thinking about it. it's probably a good thing becuase it's distracting me from the whole job waiting thing. that track is a lot of fun and much bigger than the tracks i normally race on. i'll also be riding on a friends team on his aprilia rs50... a different style bike than my 50, so that should be cool too. I also have ayden that weekend, so he'll get to come to the race track for a day. my mom is coming up, and since i'll be racing on someone else's team instead of my own she'll get to give ayden her full attention. making him come to the track while i'm racing possible. normally my family comes to the races and has jobs to do becasue we run our own team. we could handle those jobs and ayden if there were more people, but only mom is coming up. dad is moving dusty to pheonix that weekend so he can start school at MMI. anywyas, it's a good thing we're not running my bike, or we couldn't bring him. he's going to love it and i'm super excited that he's going to be there. he's just as obsessed with motorcycles as i am.

**picture above: me (#8) racing my bike against the style of bike that i'll be racing in oakhill... note the taller style of the bike


  • Hey jon,
    Good luck with the job hunt. Derek and I will be at Oakhill. He will be doing f6 endurance. probably the same class you'll be in.

    See ya there

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:01 PM  

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