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CMRA weekend

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dad and I spent the weekend at MSR in cresson this weekend (south west of ft. worth). we worked the track and made a couple hundred bucks to put towards the YSR - XR100 conversion.

it was pretty fun. thats the first time i've corner worked, and the first time i've stayed the entire weekend at a CMRA event, so i got to see all the mini and big bike sprints and endurance racing. long days of sitting out on the track, but you have a good view of the track and a nice rush of adrenaline when 50 big bikes come into your corner at 150mph. you never know when a bike will go off course and into your personal space. it's also pretty cool having the 2-way radios. we get to hear all the behind the scenes action and know the instant there is a crash. my mom would really enjoy that. we're thinking about working the next race, but i don't know if i'll make it or not. i did manage to get a decent sun burn on my ears and cheeks... something i haven't had in years. it was so windy that we couldn't put up our EasyUp. so we just sat in the sun. that wasn't a big deal though since it was kind of on the cold side all weekend.

everytime i go to the track i know more and more people. it use to be kind of intimidating, but now i know so many racers and workers that its really fun to get out there and shoot the shit with everyone. having dad there, and him knowing most of those people too, makes it that much better. it's good father son bonding i guess. its too bad my brother, dusty, is in pheonix or i'm sure he'd be out there too.

I'm also making some progress on the YXR100 project. I got my motor mounts from dennie today, so thats the first official piece of the project i've recieved. kinda sad since my race is next weekend. by the end of the day friday i should have my motor, carb, intake, exhaust, cdi, coil and throttle assembly. then its off to my buddies hot rod shop to cut up the exhaust and re-weld it together to work on the new frame. we also have to fabricate some brackets for the exhaust and clutch cable. after that i just need to get the cylinder bored and put in a new piston kit, clutch, timing chain and cam gear... then, hopefuly, the bike will be running and i can race it. wish me luck. i wanna get this new motor on the track so bad next weekend... i was dreaming about it all night last night. over and over. i can't wait. hopefully i can get it together and it runs decent. if i put all this time, money and work into this motor and it just shits out on my the first weekend i take it to the track i'm going to be pissed. seems like we've been blowing lots of motors at the track latley. thats part of the reason i'm switching to this 100cc 4 stroke.

tattoo work

Friday, March 17, 2006

got some work on my tattoo from Mr. Dean on wednesday night. OH! i almost laid the bike down on the way to the shop too... coming out of downtown on pacific. the streets downtown are old, bumpy and slick. i was aproaching a stop light with a truck stoped in front of me and i started braking like normal and suddenly the front locked up and started to wash out to the right. my instincts were good though, i let of the brake enought to get the bike stood back up straight and back on the brakes i went. only problem is that i took both feet off the pegs in hopes to catch the bike if it started going over i guess (i was only going 10-20mph). since my feet were off the pegs i couldn't apply any rear brake to help in stopping so i didn't rear end the truck at the light. i made it ok though... looked back at the street and didnt' see any oil or anything.

anyways... dean worked on the tattoo. he only tattooed me for about 1.5 - 2 hours, but he covered a large area and i was ready to stop after that. usually i'm good for a 3 hour session or more. most of the work he did was filling in background color on the back and inside of my arm. we started it like 3 years ago (cheebus, i can't believe its been that long) and we're almost done. i think i have one more session to finish up a lot details.

getting tattooed wasn't so bad. once i got home and took the plastic wrap off and that air hit it... man that hurt like hell. it was relentless. i took a hydrocodine and waited for that to kick in before taking a hot bath. you're suppose to wash it in the hottest water you can stand within an hour or so of getting it done. i guess it's suppose to pull out all the white blood cells and stuff... thus keeping it from scabbing up. it took forever for the hydrocodine to kick in and it hurt so much. more than ever before. dean instructed me to take a bath this time. i didnt' think you were suppose to do that due to risk of infection, but i like it a lot better. washing your new tat in the shower with hot water is pretty painfull. the bath method was much better.

i don't understand why the inside of my arm swells up so much when i get tattooed. it's crazy. it feels like a huge bruise. kinda tender to the touch, but not too bad. feels heavy with blood... i can make my bicept jiggle. in the pict the arm on the right is the newly tatted one. the arm on the left is the "normal" arm. note the difference around the elbow.

katy, round 1

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

we had a pretty good weekend at the track. i'm still coming down off my racing high and its now tuesday morning. nothing will correct a foul mood like a good weekend at the race track. i love it.

unfortunatley we did burn up the bottom end of the bike the first 20 minutes of practice on saturday and had to rebuild that motor saturday afternoon-night in order to do some sprints on it sunday. the first picture here is the bike when we got to the track, and the second is the bike about 30 minutes later.

we still had fun despite the bike breaking. i ran on kevins team on the bike pictured above (#27) and greg ran on brian's old team on their nsr50 for the endurance races. we got my bike put together for sprints on sunday and i ran away with first place in my class. my class just isn't competitive anymore. we're going to do our best to upgrade it before the next race in april so that we can move up to the next class. i'm going to put an xr100 motor in it (4 stroke dirt bike motor). hopefully after we get that all sorted out we'll have more opportunities to be competitive with people. dennie's and peter's YXR's were hauling ass all weekend, so it should be pretty fun.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

since yesterday my mood has done a 180.

Greg and i finished up the bike last night and got it running without any hangups that i can think of. the bike runs pretty strong and we're super hyped about the opening weekend in 2 days. i think greg is a little nervous... given his experiences in racing the big bikes a couple years ago it's perfectly understandable. i think as soon as he gets through the first practice he'll be right back in it. i wouldn't be surprised if he's running the same lap times as me once he gets the hang of the bike.

i told him to low side it durring practice to get that out of his head. i remember my first race of last season after i broke my collar bone i was riding somewhat slow and scared. then, finally (last race of the weekend i think), i lowsided in turn 4 (3rd gear left hander) and tumbled off the track. after doing that i felt much better about being back on the bike. it was one of my rougher get offs, but i didn't really get hurt. mentally it did a lot of good.

on another note...

ayden got in trouble at school yesterday. him and a little mexican kid kept saying "shit" over and over. haha... i can't help but be proud in some way, but at the same time i remember that feeling in my stomach when i got in trouble in school as a little kid. i didn't like it... i hope he doesn't either.

i miss him so much... i took him to school on monday morning and when i put him down in his class room he just stood there with his head slumped over. then the teacher hurried him over to a near by chair at a little table and got him some gold fish to snack on. he just sat there and stared at the tabel... i said "bye ayden!" as i was walking out the door and he just sat there and looked at me... he looked so sad that i was leaving him. i still can't get over the fact that i can't be there with him everyday. i can't make him eat his dinner, play airplane with him and have our daily goodnight routine. i know that having him the way i do also has it's advantages... the time we do spend together is that much more special and memorable, but i can't help but feel like i'm missing out on so much of his daily life. i also have virtually no input on disaplin or morals at this point in his life. i think as he gets older i can have more of a pull in this department due to better comunication skills on his part. i'm doing the best i can given the situation, but i'll never feel like its good enough.

i'll see it someday

Friday, March 03, 2006

i was having an incredibly shitty day today (maybe i still am, not sure yet) until i found this on ronnies myspace page.

this clip brought me back from the dark place i woke up in this morning (hangovers + the dumbest cat ever + waking up... etc.).

i really want to see this movie. its called worlds fastest indian if you don't know. i fear there is no chance of me going to see it with megan, even though i think it may inlighten her a bit about the things i love to do. i might have to try to drag steve out to see it or even go alone some time.