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CMRA weekend

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dad and I spent the weekend at MSR in cresson this weekend (south west of ft. worth). we worked the track and made a couple hundred bucks to put towards the YSR - XR100 conversion.

it was pretty fun. thats the first time i've corner worked, and the first time i've stayed the entire weekend at a CMRA event, so i got to see all the mini and big bike sprints and endurance racing. long days of sitting out on the track, but you have a good view of the track and a nice rush of adrenaline when 50 big bikes come into your corner at 150mph. you never know when a bike will go off course and into your personal space. it's also pretty cool having the 2-way radios. we get to hear all the behind the scenes action and know the instant there is a crash. my mom would really enjoy that. we're thinking about working the next race, but i don't know if i'll make it or not. i did manage to get a decent sun burn on my ears and cheeks... something i haven't had in years. it was so windy that we couldn't put up our EasyUp. so we just sat in the sun. that wasn't a big deal though since it was kind of on the cold side all weekend.

everytime i go to the track i know more and more people. it use to be kind of intimidating, but now i know so many racers and workers that its really fun to get out there and shoot the shit with everyone. having dad there, and him knowing most of those people too, makes it that much better. it's good father son bonding i guess. its too bad my brother, dusty, is in pheonix or i'm sure he'd be out there too.

I'm also making some progress on the YXR100 project. I got my motor mounts from dennie today, so thats the first official piece of the project i've recieved. kinda sad since my race is next weekend. by the end of the day friday i should have my motor, carb, intake, exhaust, cdi, coil and throttle assembly. then its off to my buddies hot rod shop to cut up the exhaust and re-weld it together to work on the new frame. we also have to fabricate some brackets for the exhaust and clutch cable. after that i just need to get the cylinder bored and put in a new piston kit, clutch, timing chain and cam gear... then, hopefuly, the bike will be running and i can race it. wish me luck. i wanna get this new motor on the track so bad next weekend... i was dreaming about it all night last night. over and over. i can't wait. hopefully i can get it together and it runs decent. if i put all this time, money and work into this motor and it just shits out on my the first weekend i take it to the track i'm going to be pissed. seems like we've been blowing lots of motors at the track latley. thats part of the reason i'm switching to this 100cc 4 stroke.


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