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katy, round 1

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

we had a pretty good weekend at the track. i'm still coming down off my racing high and its now tuesday morning. nothing will correct a foul mood like a good weekend at the race track. i love it.

unfortunatley we did burn up the bottom end of the bike the first 20 minutes of practice on saturday and had to rebuild that motor saturday afternoon-night in order to do some sprints on it sunday. the first picture here is the bike when we got to the track, and the second is the bike about 30 minutes later.

we still had fun despite the bike breaking. i ran on kevins team on the bike pictured above (#27) and greg ran on brian's old team on their nsr50 for the endurance races. we got my bike put together for sprints on sunday and i ran away with first place in my class. my class just isn't competitive anymore. we're going to do our best to upgrade it before the next race in april so that we can move up to the next class. i'm going to put an xr100 motor in it (4 stroke dirt bike motor). hopefully after we get that all sorted out we'll have more opportunities to be competitive with people. dennie's and peter's YXR's were hauling ass all weekend, so it should be pretty fun.


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