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Project YXR100

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my project is coming along nicely. got the pipe fabricated with the help of my friend tyler at North Texas Customs. he hooked it up. last night i fabricated the clutch cable bracket (my first fabrication job on my own! although it wasn't much). I also got the new throttle assembly together, mounted my new kill switch button, mounted up the carb and new air filter and took the carb apart to see what jets are in it. its way way rich. whoever had it before me must of had a bored out, ported head xr100. the main jet is a 135 and i think i need a 105. the needle off the throttle assembly i bought is bent too.

all i have to do now is get a shift lever, some new jets and a needle, take my cylinder to elmer tomorow to get bored, take it to cartwright thursday and pick up motor friday along with ayden. friday night i'll drop it in the bike and drive down to houston saturday morning to see if i can get it to run. i would try it out friday night, but it's going to be late, the motor will be loud and i don't know where to set the mixture screws on the carb.


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