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Sunday, May 21, 2006

as some of you may know.... i took a last minute trip to malibu almost 2 weeks ago for work. i got word that i'd be going on tuesday, had a ticket on my desk that afternoon, and flew out first thing the next morning. I was suppose to return on saturday night, but we werent' finished with our project yet, so we stayed until monday night. from monday to monday i worked over 90 hours. then i kept working another full week including one more 15 hour day after that. It was still kinda fun going to malibu i guess, but we didn't even leave the house except for once. we got to borrow a car to go out to dinner on sunday night. besides that it was up at 9am and back to bed somewhere between midnight and 5am everyday. One cool thing was that we had a maid that basically waited on us the whole time. we were working and sleeping in the same house, so we'd wake up and the maid would make us breakfast and we'd get to work.

here's picts of the house we were in. Its right on PCH about a mile from pepperdine.

The first pict is taken from about half way up the front yard. the second from the front entry. you can't tell in the picture, but you can see the ocean just over those trees.

this is our work area. note the pool table.... we played lots of pool while waiting for our computers to render video. we even got bruno to play me a game. he kicked my ass.

these are some more picts of the house...

Downstairs there was a movie theater with kick ass comfy sofas and chairs. we spent nights watching movies down there while we rendered movies too. there was also a recording studio/rehersal space down stairs that was pretty bad ass. we quickly found out that it wasn't as sound proof as we'd hoped since it was directly under our working space, but it wasn't too bad. burno's son is pretty good anyways and the guys from sugarcult were there helping him record.

my cell mate torey...

It wasn't a bad trip, although it was exhausting. bruno also made it worth our time and he's sending me back on monday to work on another project with Gerry. i'll be there until thursday, then i gotta come back and get my stuff together to go racing in houston next weekend. wierd how all this work comes all at once... i also had the opportunity to do a photo gig at a club friday and saturday night and i could have made some money shooting a hair show all day sunday. i couldn't make those because i have ayden, but its nice to feel wanted again.



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