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Mountain Bike

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I finaly took my K2 mountain bike in to get serviced and returned to ridable condition. hopefully all it needs is air in the tires, some air in the shock and some adjustments. We also bought megan a bike this weekend.

I feel kinda lame, but i also put a burley bike trailer on layaway for ayden. it makes me feel so... plano... old... domesticated. i dunno, its wierd. ayden is going to love it though.

anyways, i'm really anxious to get out on the bike again. megan is pretty excited too. what makes it worse is seeing her brand new bike on the porch every day and mine is sittin in the shop. we're going to do white rock lake a few times so that megan can get a good feel for her bike, then i think we're going to try Rowlett. its too bad we can't ride this weekend. i'll have ayden, but my trailer won't be in for a couple more weeks. i also still have to pay it off before they'll give it to me anyways.


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