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New Job

Monday, July 17, 2006

I FINALLY got a new job. i had an interview last week with a company called Telligent. They are a software company comprised of some of the best guys in the country. They develop community type programs that run things like and various other community/blogging/forum type sites. I'm super hyped about it. I've been looking for a job for something like 9 months now, and I finally got one, and its a good one.

My official titile is "Web Designer", but i'll also be doing some print when it comes in. I was originally going for an Art Director position, but I have to move on and get more experience in web design and the workings of an agency type enviorment. I think that if i do well, an Art Director position might not be too far off.

I guess it's not an agency really. Theres only about 3 people in the creative department, and their primary job has been to design the projects that the software guys have been creating. The demand has grown enought that they are actually branching off from Telligent and creating a creative group called Sound Creative. I'm pretty excited about this as well. It's a small group of people trying to make this new "company" successful. I'm excited to be a part of it in these early stages and i hope that i can become a key player in making it a success.

Anyways, I start 2 weeks from today. Monday, July 31st. I'm ready... I'm afraid these next two weeks are going to be looooong.


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