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Thursday, August 31, 2006

This month ayden turns 3! geeze, he's almost a "big kid" now. all he needs is a dirtbike.

If you can come, let me know.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

so, I'm sure you're all wondering how the new job is going.

to be honest, it couldn't be better. i love this place, and, if it wasn't for megan, i'd like it better than being at home. I'm productive, creative and in a great enviorment where i'm trusted to handle my own schedule and be productive in my own ways. on top of that, i get fed on a regular basis (always a plus for me), my insurance is awesome and i can walk to lunch everyday if i choose to.

only thing i'm missing at the moment are some completed projects. so far i haven't had a project go into production yet, but that should happen soon.

you might remember me mentioning the little photo shoot that steve did of megan and i a few weeks back while we were shooting her boards for her portfolio. one of these picts is in the header of this blog, and steve just sent me two more that he touched up. i think they're pretty cool...


Thursday, August 17, 2006

I got my first pair of glasses in 10 years this week. I had a pair when i first got my contacts when i was about 16, but never wore them. So i'm basically wearing glasses for the first time today after wearing contacts every day for the past decade.... wow, i'm getting old.

I like them, its nice to have some glasses so you don't have to depend on your contacts all the time. right now they're driving me crazy because they keep sliding down my nose. I'm going back durring lunch to see if they can adjust them or something. its also hard to get use to not having everything in focus. even things that i see through the glasses arn't totally in focus unless i'm looking at it from the center of the lense, and when they start sliding down my nose some it makes everything slightly out of focus which sucks while driving.

Besides that i like them, and they're made by converse! i didn't even know they made frames.

New Look!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Blog got a new look today. I designed this concept almost a week ago, and made a lame attempt to code it in CSS from scratch, but soon found out that i knew much less about CSS than i thought i did...

My original design looks like what you see here (click for a larger image). Its suppose to be all my sites rolled up into that one package. It would include my many blogs (mountain biking logs, racing logs, this blog etc.), along with links to my flicker account (i have one, but haven't used it yet) and will also contain my portfolio and news that goes along with my work. I'll get it figured out soon enough.

The photograph is curtousy of mr. steve ray.. Now that i look at his site that he's building there, you might say i took a little bit of inspiration from him too for the new site design... thats ok though, we work together on things. actually... he copied me!... heh heh. anyways, we rented lights and everything to take picts of megan's boards for her portfolio, and while we were at it we had a little photoshoot consisting of megan and i acting dumb. They came out pretty cool, and i'll post some up soon. Steve did some magic on this one to make it look cool... maybe that was a little black magic. I look like i'm in my 70's. regardless, i think its cool. i have recieved some wierd reactions though.

Intel Macs

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got a new 20" duo processor iMac with the new Intel processors at my new job. Cool! an iMac that can run faster than my G5!

Suddenly we all realise a little secret. Adobe isn't supported. Every thing i use it adobe! It all has to run under a piece of software called Rosetta. Ok, problem solved... right? Well, not really.

These programs are very intense, and run a lot slower under rosetta. I can deal with it, but its annoying to have a new kick ass computer and not be able to take advantage of it until Adobe comes out with new versions of software in 2007. A good blog from adobe about their situation can be found here.

Another problem is that the new processors need a special plugin to view flash files on the internet. the computer is shiped with this plugin (or so i'm told), but when you install any macromedia software (one of the suites i use) it replaces that plugin with one that isn't compatible and you can't figure out why you can't see any flash on the internet. you forget how much flash is out there until you can't see it. Well theres a fix for this too. Flash Player 9 Public Beta. ok, about 45 minutes of research and i've got that problem solved.

Overall, I think everything will be ok. Its was really dissapointing to discover all these problems with my new iMac though. At least I'm not editing video anymore.

Qoute from apple about Rosetta:
"Most existing applications will continue to run, thanks to Rosetta. Pro applications from Apple — including Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Logic Pro, Logic Express, Shake and Final Cut Express — are not supported by Rosetta."

Maybe that means that they run under native mode instead of rosetta, but thats not what they made it sound like.

hmm... i'm still not sure what to think about this.

The Long Way Around

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This weekend ayden and I watched every episode of The Long Way Around. Its a series about Ewan McGregor and his friend Charlie traveling from London, across Europe and Asia, to Alaska and finally ending their trip in NYC. They did all this on a couple of well equipped BMW dual sport motorcycles. It was very inspiring and I really enjoyed it. Even Megan watched a lot of it, and i think she might have liked it a little too.

I'd really like to do some more adventures. A long hiking trip in the mountains, a trip on the bike from Cali to Alaska on the bike, backpacking Europe... I hope that I get to do some things like this before too long. Right now I have too much going on to plan an experience like that.

Oh, and i also ran across the US stop on the MotoGP tour on ABC or something like that. I dont' get speed with my cable, so i don't get to see any of the races. I was happy to catch this one, even though it wasn't the most exciting race I've seen.