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New Look!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Blog got a new look today. I designed this concept almost a week ago, and made a lame attempt to code it in CSS from scratch, but soon found out that i knew much less about CSS than i thought i did...

My original design looks like what you see here (click for a larger image). Its suppose to be all my sites rolled up into that one package. It would include my many blogs (mountain biking logs, racing logs, this blog etc.), along with links to my flicker account (i have one, but haven't used it yet) and will also contain my portfolio and news that goes along with my work. I'll get it figured out soon enough.

The photograph is curtousy of mr. steve ray.. Now that i look at his site that he's building there, you might say i took a little bit of inspiration from him too for the new site design... thats ok though, we work together on things. actually... he copied me!... heh heh. anyways, we rented lights and everything to take picts of megan's boards for her portfolio, and while we were at it we had a little photoshoot consisting of megan and i acting dumb. They came out pretty cool, and i'll post some up soon. Steve did some magic on this one to make it look cool... maybe that was a little black magic. I look like i'm in my 70's. regardless, i think its cool. i have recieved some wierd reactions though.


  • Shit looks hot yo. And now I get to gaze into those beautiful eyes everyday.

    By Blogger Ray Hernandez, at 2:08 PM  

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