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Kool Keith, Grumpy Kids and Beer.

Monday, September 25, 2006


my weekend started off with the excitement of a long awaited show, Dr. Octagon. AKA: Kool Keith. AKA: Black Elvis.

Everything i had heard about his shows (which wasn't much in hindsight) was good, and i thought i know kool keith well enough from listening to his music to make an educated guess about what his show might be like. One person even told me that he had heard about him coming out on stage wearing fried chicken... sounds fun to me! So, we meet up with garrett (g3pO) and scott (scooter) for some pregame drinks at the dubliner. we were all excited about the show and headed up to granada at about 11:30. i downed a couple more beers and felt nice and loose. ready for a show.

to my disappointment, the show was horrible! really disappointing. everyone i was with agreed. i was even considering leaving half way through the show. i'm not sure what happened to kook kieth, but i lost a lot of respect for him that night. the sound was bad, show-man-ship (sp?) was non-existant and everything else about the show sucked. Even the crowd. you normally expect a lot of white kids to go to a hip-hop show like this, but this place was packed full of the nerdiest damn white kids in town! -lame.


Saturday my parents came into town for ayden's birthday. I headed out to grapevine at about noon to get set up and make a trip to sam's for beer, cake and candy while ayden goes to his grandma's house to take a nap. i knew that was a bad idea the second i heard about it.

anyone know what happens to a 3 year old with no nap, lots of people and a pile of presents in front of him that he can't open yet? what a mess.

all in all, eveything went well. the weather was nice and we hung out outside a lot. ayden came around after getting some cake and opening everything. it just makes me mad when its obviously an important day for everyone's sanity to give a 3 year old a nap, but it doesn't get done due to someone not having the balls to make a kid take a nap.


Sunday began with a trip to our favorite mexican breakfast spot off harryhines. i have no idea what its called, but its the best stuff i've found in dallas. after filling myself with eggs, beans and potatos, my parents and i went to north dallas to check out my new office. Dad and i play a little table tennis, i get a phone call that my condo is filling up with water again (stupid neighbors) and we head to megan's graduation party.

we sat around on megan's parent's porch all day drinking beer, eating fajita's and drinking more beer. it was a great way to end the weekend. i was a little afraid of what i might feel like at work today after all that, but i actually feel pretty good. better than i usually do on mondays.

today is megan's graduation, and i'm sure we'll be going to the bar again. i haven't done this much drinking in years.... especially without ever actually getting drunk!


  • OMG I miss mexican food!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 PM  

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