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Texas State Fair

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Megan and I took ayden to the state fair this saturday. It had it's ups and downs, as does anything with a 3 year old, but we had fun. we didn't realise that there was a big football game there that night, so there was a TON of ghetto people there. the fair is always full of interesting people, and around 9 or 10pm it always gets really packed, but it was especially bad that night.

the people watching was fantastic. i really should have taken some pictures of it. it was seriously unbelievable.

Ayden really liked it though. he got some ice cream, some funnel cake and rode some rides like a big boy. dad got a couple beers and a corn dog, and megan had the traditional corn cobb. I was on a mission to eat some fried treats such as oreo's and twinkies, but i couldn't find them. i did come accross one booth that sold them, but i didn't have any tickets to get some with at that time and figured i'd come back. I never saw it again. that place is bigger than you think! i was dissapointed that i didn't get to try one.

most of the pictures are Here. almost all of them of ayden of course.


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